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    Cargo Operations Agent (Guangzhou)

    • 更新日期:2022-01-11
    工作經驗 不限 年齡 ?
    學歷 不限 性別 ?
    工作地區 廣州 開始時間 2022-01-11
    行業 航天/航空 結束時間 2022-02-11
    職位屬性 其他 薪金待遇 面議

    Job Scope


    (A)   Flight Handling


    1.      Work with GHA and agents to ensure cargo is lodged in warehouse timely

    2.      Pre-flight documents handling

    3.      Assist on handling special cargo (e.g. DIP, CRX, PER, AVI, RTN cargo)

    4.      Monitor warehouse and ramp operation

    5.      Post-flight documents handling

    6.      ULD stock management at station



    (B)   Services


    1.      Conduct physical check for mishandling case

    2.      Assist GHA and agents Monitor to resolve inbound/outbound cargo/mails mishandling



    (C)   Safety and Security


    1.      Ensure GHA and the agents comply with SQ and state safety/security regulations

    2.      Review and implement appropriate safety/security measures


    (D)  Administration


           Candidate Requirements

    a.      Fluent in oral and written English and Chinese

    b.      Knowledge of office applications e.g. Microsoft Word/Excel

    c.       Able to interact with customers and have strong communication skills

    d.      Hard working and a good team player

    e.      Proactive in seeking solutions to resolve problems

    f.        Disciplined and respectful of local guidelines and company directives

    g.      Able to work in a high stress environment

    h.      Able to work on roster shifts at the airport, being on call for emergencies or when necessary (e.g. flight delay.)

    i.        Previous experience in operation jobs will be beneficial

    j.        Short-listed applicants will need to undergo an interview by a selected panel.



    On-the-job training and self-learning from e-resources provided is expected of the staff. Staff will be sent to attend trainings in Singapore at appropriate milestones during his/her career.


    When appropriate and with the support of the department head, the staff can apply to join the Trainee programme or undergo attachment programmes at various Singapore Airlines passenger and cargo business units such as Sales, Public Relations & Industry Affairs, E-Commerce & Technology, Sales Planning, Passenger Services, Airport Operations, Human Resources & Admin, and Finance. The actual postings will be subject to job openings and the staff’s suitability. Such postings could be to other cities across China, therefore mobility within the country is preferred.



    Interested candidates please email your resume (both English and Chinese) indicating applied position to the following address: HR_BJSSQ@Singaporeair.com.sg



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